Clermont, Florida

Clermont, Florida

The Choice Of Champions

With its beautiful hills and lakes, Clermont is one of the most picturesque cities in Florida. If you are into an active lifestyle, then Clermont and its surrounding area is the place for you.

It is located just 30 minutes west of downtown Orlando. It is a prime location to live and play while staying very close to the metro Orlando area. For recreation, let’s say that many people from around the world travel to the area. With Disney, Universal, waterparks, and other attractions, just 25 minutes away, Clermont has the best of both worlds. The great family active lifestyle, plus world-class attractions.

The city of Clermont leadership is genuinely committed to making Clermont an excellent destination for visitors and residents. Activities are planned frequently in the downtown area, which draws focus on restaurants, shops, and boutiques. Two breweries have opened up in the last year, along with the different eateries. It is genuinely has become a great place to hang out.

Bike and Walking Trail
Clermont is in the middle of the coast to coast trail, starting on the Atlantic side and going through Clermont, and continuing to the Saint Petersburg area on the gulf side. This 275-mile trail still has a few gaps, but it will soon connect both coasts, with downtown Clermont and Lake Front Park being the middle point. Currently, you can start in downtown Clermont and take the trail east deep into Orlando. An excellent excursion for those needing to put bike miles into their exercise routine.